Benefits of Affiliation

Benefits of Technosoft Affiliation (Franchise)

  • Proven Track Record

    With over 120,000 successfully trained students, Technosoft has a track record of delivering quality education and producing skilled professionals.

  • Global Acceptance

    Technosoft certifications are globally recognized, providing your students with credentials that are accepted in both government and private sectors worldwide.

  • Free Customized Website

    Each affiliated center receives a free, fully customized website, allowing you to showcase your offerings and attract students with tailored information.

  • Brand Authorization

    As an Technosoft franchisee, you gain the authority to use our trusted brand name (Technosoft) in your promotional activities, enhancing your credibility and market presence.

  • Affordable Franchise Opportunity

    Technosoft offers a low-cost franchise model with flexible terms and conditions, making it a financially feasible and attractive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Structured Course Offerings

    Our team of experts designs structured courses, keeping market demand in mind. You can confidently offer programs that align with industry requirements and provide value to your students.

  • Online Student and Center Management

    Access an online platform that provides information about your students and center, allowing for efficient management and streamlined operations.

  • Self-Learning Study Materials

    Our study materials and publications are self-learning-based, enabling students to learn at their own pace and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

  • ID Cards and Certifications

    Every student receives a PVC laminated ID card and lanyard from our head office, along with certification and a Details Mark Card (DMC) upon successful completion of the course.

  • Government and Global Recognition

    Technosoft certificates hold value in government sectors, private sectors, and are recognized globally, opening doors to diverse employment opportunities.

  • Competitive Course Fees

    Technosoft offers some of the lowest course fees in the market, making education accessible to a broader range of students and increasing enrollment potential.

  • Brand Promotion and Digital Marketing Support

    Benefit from our brand promotion and digital marketing support, ensuring increased visibility and attracting a wider student base to your center.

  • High-Quality Promotional Materials

    Receive professionally designed, high-quality promotional materials that effectively showcase your center's offerings and drive local marketing efforts.

  • Placement Assistance

    We provide placement assistance to students, supporting their transition from education to employment and ensuring a holistic learning experience.

  • Operational Assistance

    As an Technosoft franchisee, you receive comprehensive operational assistance, guiding you through the setup and ongoing management of your center.

    Partner with Technosoft and experience the advantages of affiliation with a trusted brand, an extensive network, and a commitment to delivering quality education. Together, let's shape futures and empower students to achieve their career goals.